Meet the Maltese ambassadors who joined our mission to promote sports and physical activity

Jake Vella

Practicing Sport and Regular Physical Activity and How Long You’ve Been Involved in Sport?

I was a triathlon athlete for 5 years. However, due to my health condition, I had to stop participating in running, and am practicing cycling and swimming on a day to day basis.


My condition has made me a more committed and goal-oriented person, as to be able to live a longer and healthier lifestyle. Due to this, I encourage all children, who like me, live with a health condition to not be half-hearted about sports, and find time to be active. If every child finds a sport that interests him, the experience of the sport will surely be a positive one.

Josephine Grima

Practicing Sport and Regular Physical Activity and How Long You’ve Been Involved in Sport?

I’ve started to be active at the age of 13 when I started basketball. I have played professional basketball for 12 years out of the shores of Malta and this has enabled me to gain a solid sports cultural background. From my experience sport has changed my life. I can say it was a therapy for me, it helped me grow from different aspects and also be confident around other people. It gave me courage to express myself, to not be shy as I was when I was a kid. Nowadays no one would believe the transformation I went through because of sport.


I think, that sport is one of the best things that can ever happen to anyone in life, it helps us to become more self-disciplined, and it empowers us, makes us look good, feel good & healthy and especially for those women who have families I would like to say that no matter what, you should always find 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day for yourselves. Doing this you will reap the fruit of your daily efforts both physically and mentally since once you start exercising you will love more yourself and feel great about the fact that apart from caring all the day for your families you are managing to find the time for yourselves.

Karl Izzo

How long you’ve been involved in Sports:
35 years

What other sports you like, practice or follow:
I follow football. Basketball and swimming and practice swimming to keep fit.

Sport and regular physical activity are an important part of our daily lives as these indeed enhance our quality of life. Physical activity, in particular, is associated with improved self-esteem. Research shows that this has a significant impact on our mental health and, in turn, our physical health.  Physical activity can help us live longer as research indicates that regular exercise can add up to five years to one’s life. Sport and physical activity help to keep us in shape so we can enjoy leisure activities and safely perform work and home chores. It offers great mental and social benefits as well. A series of studies attribute positive outcomes to physical activity including a sense of purpose, improved sleep, stress reduction as well as improved relationships and social connectedness. On the other hand, lack of physical activity is associated with increased risks of anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression as well as the development of many preventable conditions. A lack of sport and physical activity in one’s life often implies a sedentary lifestyle which is so common in our culture as proven by the high levels of obesity in the Maltese population.