Esther Azzopardi

Full Name: Esther Azzopardi

Age: 34

Practicing Sport: Football – Referee

How long you’ve been involved in Sports: I have been involved in refereeing since 1997 but from a very young age I remember I used to take part in any kind of sport competition.

What other sports you like, practice or follow: Of course I follow football mostly but I also like running, and I also follow Rugby, as I used to play a few years back.

Message: Personally I beleive that any kind of physical activity should be an integral part of our daily lifestyles. Its an investment in our own lives! I like Mr.Grimutter’s quote “My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass”  ~Leslie Grimutter, as I strongly beleive that one has to find the right balance in his/her own life. Thus working, exercising to be both mentally and physical fit and finally eating healthy food.

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